Madder and Madder – our new MAD Drum kit series is underway.

The new MAD is getting closer and closer towards release. We are getting closer and closer with our major upgrade to our popular Drum kit, MAD! The new release - MAD Drum Kit Series will feature 3 core kits with a complete overhaul of the original GUI, new features, more grooves and a sound palette [...]

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Acoustic Positioner

We have developed a totally new concept with instrument positioning. Unlike panning, the positioner is a spatial tool which relies on the acoustic properties of the recording space. Our upcoming Scoring libraries were all recorded in a beautiful scoring room and with the integrated Acoustic Positioner tool you can effectively move instruments around the stage [...]

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The new HHS is LIVE!

Hi there! After almost a year in the making our new site is live! These are new times at HandHeldSound. Times to show you all we've been working on. And we've been working a lot...almost nonstop, to bring you new innovative sampling tools that will brighten your workflow, keep you creative, and most of all [...]

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