MAD – RocknFunk

Outrageous Rock & Funk Kits.
Every nuance counts.

the highlights

MAD – RocknFunk is the first full installment of our MAD Drum Kit Series. It features an integrated hi-end environment for producing Uber realistic drum grooves with maximum nuance and impact! The idea behind RocknFunk was to sample several iconic kits in such a way to retain a very focused and direct tonal quality at all dynamic levels. With an extended articulation options, a versatile mixer, dedicated groove engine, and immediate playability, you can quickly program convincing drum beats with lots of musical and sonic detail. RocknFunk packs a lot under the hood with customized elaborate scripts and features that enhance both realistic playback and ease of use. Some features, such as the extensive microphone bleed and Snare Grace notes Legatos, have never before seen in a drum library!

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Deeply Sampled to the Extreme
3 Complete Drum kits with a total of 20GB and 24,000+ samples. Up to 20 velocity layers, numerous articulation per drum element, unique release samples, legato transitions, and 4X Round Robin samples throughout!

Extensive Hi-Hat Engine
The Hi-Hat engine features various articulations and 6 degrees of Close-To-Open modulation. The auto foot pedal and Legato transitions help you to easily switch between playing zones and apply real-time modulation. The variable attack and velocity curves add the final touch for an unsurpassed Hi Hat action.

Realistic Extended Dynamic Range
MAD features Drum kits with an authentic extended dynamic range. The top velocities are at the point of stick-breaking power!
By utilizing a strict playing style, we achieved a powerful dynamic range without losing touch with the musicality of the instrument.

Comprehensive Microphone Bleed Control
Each kit sports around 50dB of dynamic range, which offers a great deal of musicality. MAD’s signal flow design gives you full control over audio leakage (microphone bleed) from almost every microphone perspective. This unprecedented control brings a new level of realism and nuance to drums sound.

Unique Recording Concept
Each kit was captured in a different space using a unique blend of microphones and by recording numerous articulations.
We focused on developing unique scripting features to simplify the drum programming process and keep you focused on the creative process.

Legato Snare Grace Notes, Cymbal Chokes, and Note Overlap Prevention
MAD features an ergonomic key mapping and articulation layout. Snare grace notes are triggered automatically by playing legato eliminating unnecessary bloat to the mapping. Same goes to cymbal chokes where you can choke any individual cymbal from one key.
Since we’ve included dedicated Left and Right hand samples, the engine disallows impossible note overlaps keeping your performance clean and real!

Highly Playable
The kits are effortless to play.
We’ve implemented extended articulations featuring special playing techniques, Left/Right hand samples, multiple playing zones, and combination strokes.
Other playability features include: automatic note overlap prevention, an extensive Hi Hat engine, and a variable velocity setup.

Dedicated Groove Engine
Explore plenty of Rock and Funk beats complete with alternate grooves and fills ranging from subtle to extreme. All grooves are un-quantized and can be dragged to your host as standard MIDI files.

Flexible Mixing Architecture
Rocknfunk includes an ergonomic mixing environment of up to 14 individual microphone perspectives including EQ, Sends/Returns, and custom bussing.

the instruments

Each of the three included kits is unique and offers a great deal of timbre contrast. We recorded each kit in a different space to further extend versatility of sound. Each recording space has inspired us with different recording techniques, microphone selection, and playing styles. We then developed custom scripts and a user interface that is deep, yet straightforward and easy to use. The outcome is collection of drum kits that offers a detailed and organic sound that will enhance any music style.

MAD_Red - Custom Funk Kit

This kit includes smaller than usual Toms and Kick drum giving the kit a very punchy and resonant sound. It works best with Funk and Indie Rock music styles.

  •  16X24 Kick Drum
  •  Golden Crown Snare
  •  Zildjian Hi-Hat
  •  7X10 and 8X12 Rack Toms
  •  12X14 Floor Tom
  •  2X Zildjian Crashes, Paiste Ride Cymbal..

MAD_White - 6 piece beast

Dark and heavier tone. Recorded in an isolation booth for a tight and vibey sound.

  •  22X24 Kick Drum
  •  5.5X14 Snare
  •  Paiste Hats
  •  Rack Toms 10X10, 14X12
  •  Floor Toms 16X14, 22×16
  •  Zildjian Crash
  •  Zildjian Ride


This Yamaha Vibraphone is very special. It has a very direct sound with a lot of dynamics. There is some nonlinearity of harmonics throughout the tonal and dynamic ranges that makes it sound detailed and grainy, which works well within a modern orchestral context.

"All three instruments are based on some of the most lifelike samples I’ve ever heard. Scoring Mallets not only sounds convincing, but it also allows you to perform using techniques that sound as if an accomplished Mallet Percussionist were playing."

Geary Yelton


features & tech

Scoring Mallets offers an abundance of features all targeting seamless Composition and idiomatic writing that compliments modern scoring. The robust 38,000+ sample count along with up to 5 microphone perspectives translate to ultra authentic playability, while powerful features such as the Acoustic Positioner™ and numerous intuitive playing techniques extend this library to boast unparalleled quality.

Premium instruments.
Detailed Scoring Sound

Scoring Mallets features premium custom instruments from Marimba One, Malletech and Yamaha. We chose custom Mallets that combine medium soft outer material with a harder more articulate core to bring out both warmth and resonance from the instruments. The recording process in the scoring room results in a lot of flexibility of tone. We captured the instruments from 5 Microphone perspectives: Tight, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround. The microphone placement was prepared in such a way to give maximum flexibility from intimate and a more ‘pop’ sound to authentic Cinematic tone with a lot of body, air, and spatial focus. Unique microphone arrays and placement were used in order to make our stage positioning engine possible!

Ultra idiomatic playback.
From single notes to Ripple Rolls

Scoring Mallets makes effective use of its massive sample pool for a lot more than plenty of velocity layers, round robins and release samples. We have designed custom scripts for authentic Trills, Rolls, and Glissandi with complete control over tempo and humanization. You can apply Crescendo, time shifting, and velocity drifts all in real time if you wish. With the built-in Step Sequencer you can design polyrhythmic and polyphonic Ostinati and change tonal structures on the fly by playing chords. With added features for time drifts and custom velocity maps you can create evocative loopable Ostinati and intricate polyphonic lines on the spot. And finally, Scoring Mallets includes special 4-mallet playing techniques which bring authentic multi-mallet playing styles to the virtual instrument world. Choose between various types – Basic, Independent, and Ripple rolls – each with special scripting to replicate proper timing and velocity relationships between inner and outer mallets.

Acoustic Positioner™.
Truthful positioning around the stage

We have developed a totally new concept with instrument positioning. Unlike panning, instrument positioning is a spatial effect which relies on the acoustic properties of the recording space. Scoring Mallets was recorded in a beautiful scoring room and with our Acoustic Positioner you are now able to move instruments around the stage to better fit your production, especially when doing scoring and using a variety of instruments from different libraries.
Acoustic Positioner offers true positioning capabilities without relying on convolution and panning mock-ups. The engine is based on specific microphone arrays and placement that allowed us to create a comprehensive time and phase matrix that is entirely sample-based. There are no gimmicks and no simulation. You are actually moving the instrument around the stage smoothly with virtually no extra CPU usage!

Scoring Mallets gives you Surround-enabled ultra realistic and detailed instruments that fit virtually any scoring scenario.

Playback control.
Complete control over timing and performance

We enhanced the playability using a logarithmic velocity sensitivity control that allows you to fit the velocity curve to any playing style. There are key performance controls that include Crescendo/Diminuendo and auto detection of Rolls, Trills, and Glissando. Playback can be controlled further utilizing adjustable time and velocity drifts. Every performance nuance is easily controlled. The custom playback scripts infuse performances with a ‘human’ feel through a variety of built-in humanization algorithms.


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