FlyingHand Percussion


Winner of Electronic Musician Editors Choice Award
In 2008 FlyingHand Percussion received the coveted Editors’ Choice Award from Electronic Musician Magazine for Best Sound Library!
Sampled to the EXTREME
Features over 30,000 individual samples, 4x Round Robin, up to 20 velocity layers, and up to 3 microphone positions. (10GB uncompressed)
Extended articulations
Each drum fulfills its true musical potential with a multitude of extended articulation techniques using unconventional playing styles. –
Utra wide dynamic range
50dB of dynamic range and totally noiseless!
Highly playable
Meticulous collection of articulations / extended techniques / Left-Right hand samples / multiple playing zones, and combination strokes.
Legato Drumming™
Realtime replication of live performance sonic nuance and instrument control.
Reverb Impulses
Custom impulses with a variety of rooms and halls.

SKU: FHP_v1.5


FlyingHand Percussion is a dedicated Hand-Percussion sample library.
With over 30,000 samples, it represents an authentic and evocative ensemble utilizing a great number of articulations, true replication of the drums’ characteristics, and authentic nuances from each instrument. Whether you are composing or playing live, the instruments are responsive, full of authentic character, allowing complete genre freedom no matter the type of music you play or write.


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